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  • Webinar: COVID and Technology - Moving from Crisis to Value

Webinar: COVID and Technology - Moving from Crisis to Value

  • 06/17/2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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COVID and Technology:  Moving from Crisis to Value


Healthcare technology could be frustrating, even before COVID. Fortunately web conferencing and other remote tools quickly enabled us to handle many patient visits and office operations.  However these virtual scenarios are likely to continue, with new processes and more siloed tools bolted on existing systems.  Ops and tech initiatives that were “front-burner” before COVID have been superseded by telehealth and social distancing to support new patient visit venues including homes, cars and even parking lots.  How can we make technology become strategic, with these frequent crises and detours causing new tech add-ons and increased ops pressures and workarounds?  And better yet, how can we use technology to actually create value for the practice?


Handling new COVID tech and ops initiatives - it’s much more than just adding telehealth tools and social distancing workflows into the current mix;

Developing long-term technology strategies that support practice stakeholders, while being agile enough to handle constantly changing priorities;

Dealing with the hype and FUD (Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt) sales tactics of tech, and physicians bringing in their latest tech BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects);

Shifting mindset from vendors, products and contracts to strategic collaboration.


Marion Jenkins is a partner and co-founder with HealthSpaces, whose mission is helping physician practices increase their viability by improving patient-provider interactions while reducing healthcare costs.  For 20 years he has helped healthcare organizations develop and execute viable technology strategies, with over 200 engagements in 40 states. He is a nationally-recognized author and speaker, with over 150 articles and presentations on healthcare technology.  

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